My Credit Authority

The Problem

The American Dream is a fantastic concept, but it has a tendancy of coming with a mountain of debt. That is where your credit comes in.

Let's face facts -- the idea of credit is everywhere around us and it is not going to disappear. It is not just as simple as a card in your pocket.

Your credit rating affects almost everything that you do in life.

It can even affect your employment!

  • Are you able to buy a new car? -- What's your credit score?
  • How big will your deposit be for a new phone? -- What's your credit score?
  • Will you be able to buy that beautiful new home you want? -- What's your credit score?

Have you made mistakes that have affected your credit?

You are not alone!

Less than great credit ratings are far more common than you would think.

The interest rates that you may obtain vary drastically based upon your credit score